• CKD300 Underground Drilling Rig

CKD300 Underground Drilling Rig

  • CKD300 underground drill rig is designed for underground 360° diamond core drilling works. Modular components of this diamond core drilling rig can be easily assembled or disassembled to meet on-site requirements.

1. 360° drilling.
2. This underground drill rig is applicable for drilling at narrow job site.
3. A customized mud pump can be supplied as per customer requirements.
4. Premium hydraulic components from Europe / US.

After-sales Service
Our professional engineer team is globally available, 24/7.

Our rigs are available with different mounting options and diesel or electric drive options. Please contact sales@cortech.cn for more information.

Technical Specifications 

Drilling Capacity
Diameter of Drill Rod AQ, BQ, NQ.
Drilling Depth 475m, 400m, 300m.
Power System
Model Simons 1tl0001- 2bb
Power 45kW
Drill Bit
Max. Torque 567nm
Max. Rotational Speed 1,400rpm
Feed Stoke 850mm
Max. Inside Diameter 79mm
Max. Pull/Push 40kn / 40kn
Main Hoist
Max. Pull 11kn (bare drum)
Pulling Speed 110m/min (bare drum)
Rope Diameter 5mm
Rope Length 425m
Length 2.1m
Drilling Angle -90° to +90°
Foot Clamp
Drill Rod AQ, BQ, NQ,
Transport Dimension
Main Frame Unit 3070 × 1175 × 1445mm
Power Unit 1630 × 800 × 1300mm
Operation Unit 890 × 625 × 1150mm
Gross Weight 2.9t