• CMD150S Energy/Geothermal drilling

CMD150S Energy/Geothermal drilling

  • CMD 150S is API certified, hydraulic drilling rig that is specifically designed for vertical or directional drilling operations in conventional oil and gas, shale, coal-bed methane (CBM, CSG) and geothermal, with air, mud or foam drilling techniques. This energy drilling rig can also be used for fast mine rescue and core drilling.

1. API certified.
2. Modularized rig, compact and rugged design with great convenience in site assemblage/disassembling and mobilization.
3. Hydraulic (option: AC-VFD) top drive provides high torque and infinitely variable speed control.
4. Hydraulic feed system offers precise control of weight on bit (WOB) and rate of penetration (ROP).
5. Pull-down drilling function negates the use of weighted drill string in top hole and directional drilling operations.
6. Tilting top drive (or top drive with elevator) + pipe handler + iron roughneck provide fast, efficient pipe handling by picking up and laying out drill pipe horizontally.
7. 4.5-meter-high drill floor can be installed with BOP.

1. Hydraulic drilling system that provides infinitely variable top drive rotation from 0-300 rpm. Precise WOB and feed control as well as pull down functions.
2. The top drive of this core drill rig is fitted with two-speed radial piston motors that produce up to 36,000 Nm of torque ideal for large diameter wells.
3. The top drive of this diamond drilling rig can be tilted to 80° for effective pipe handling and tripping.
4. The top drive is fitted with a floating spindle with travelling distance of 135mm to help prevent thread damage to the drill pipe.
5. The top drive spindle has a disc brake system to allow for precise control of directional drilling operations.
6. The mast is telescopic with 15.2-meter feed stroke, allowing for the use of range III drill pipes and casings.
7. Drilling manifolds are offered to allow air drilling (reverse circulation and RAB drilling) and mud rotary drilling.
8. Derrick can be installed with BOP.
9. The large internal diameter of the top drive spindle (135mm) minimizes resistance of mud flow.
10. Automatic drilling functions of this hydraulic drilling rig greatly eliminate hazards brought by conventional drilling rigs and allow for minimal drilling crew numbers.

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Choose the correct capacity;
BOP is optional;
Pipe handler is inclusive.

Technical Specifications

Feed System Pulling Force 150t
Pull Down Force 30t
Derrick Net 4.5m
Applied Casing head, annular BOP, double ram BOP, mud outlet pipe
Top Drive Torque / Rotation 36,000Nm 0-80rpm
18,000Nm 0-160rpm
Through-hole Diameter 135mm
Max. Feed Speed 54m/min
Max. Pull Speed 30.5m/min
Mast Stroke 15.2m
Rod & Casing Range III (38-45inch)
Trailer Unit Gross Weight 55t
Dimensions (L × W × H) 16m × 3m × 4.25m
Axles 4
Power Unit Main Engine Two Cummins KTA19-C600
Power 600HP × 2
Pipe Handler Rod Length Range III (38-45inch)
Rod & Casing φ89 to φ610mm
Air / Mud Pump Pipelines Pressure 35MPa
Tube Bore 4”
Air Compressor Optional
Mud Pump Optional