• CMD40 Energy and Water Well Drilling Rig

CMD40 Energy and Water Well Drilling Rig

  • CMD 40 is a hydraulic drilling rig that is specifically designed for vertical drilling operations in coal-bed methane (CBM, CSG) and water well, with air, mud or foam drilling techniques.

1. Truck mounted rig, compact and rugged design with high mobility.
2. Hydraulic top drive of this well drilling equipment provides high torque and infinitely variable speed control.
3. Hydraulic feed system of our water well drilling machines offers precise control of weight on bit (WOB) and rate of penetration (ROP).
4. Pull-down drilling function negates the use of weighted drill string in top hole and directional drilling operations.
5. No cranes are needed in the setup of the rig due to the hydraulic self-erecting mast.

1. Truck mounted;
2. Telescopic mast;
3. Two-speed top drive with hydraulic rough neck.
4. Premium hydraulics from Europe / US.

After-sales Service
Our professional engineer team is globally available, 24/7.

Technical Specifications

Feed System
Pull Force 40t
Pull Down Force 14.5t
Max. Opening Diameter φ711mm
Top Drive
Torque / Rotation 17,000Nm 0-70rpm 8,500Nm 0-140rpm
Through-Hole Diameter 89mm
Mast Length 10.5m
Top Drive Stroke 7.6m
Rod & Casing II (9.15cm)
Total Weight 20t
Dimensions (L × W × H) 10.5m × 2.25m × 3m
Power System
Main Engine Cummins QSC8.3-CC260
Power 194KW
Displacement 8.3L
Crawler Track
Max Permissible Gradient 25°
Travelling Speed 1km/h
Air / Mud Line
Pressure 103Bar
Tube Core 2"
Mud Pump Optional
Air Compressor Optional