Energy Drilling

Cortech offers an innovative range of drilling equipment for mineral development and exploration. These drilling machines allows reliable and high performance deep hole drilling with economical maintenance costs.
Our drilling rigs for geothermal applications have been modified continuously based on our long-term experiences in this field. All this resulted in the development of drill rigs and technical support meeting the challenging requirements of the comprehensive geotechnical drilling. Thus, we do not only develop drill rigs but also the complete drilling process in the most productive way.
The CMD range energy drilling rigs are API certified, hydraulic, modular drilling rigs that are specifically designed for vertical or directional drilling operations in conventional oil and gas, shale, coal-bed methane (CBM, CSG) and geothermal, with air, mud or foam drilling techniques. These hydraulic drilling rigs can also be used for fast mine rescue and core drilling.
1. Hydraulic top drive provides high torque and infinitely variable speed control.
2. Hydraulic feed system offers precise control of weight on bit (WOB) and rate of penetration (ROP).
3. Pull-down drilling function negates the use of weighted drill string in top hole and directional drilling operations.
4. No cranes are needed in the setup of the rig due to the hydraulic self-erecting mast.