Multipurpose Diamond & RC Drilling Rig

CMR1000A Multipurpose Drilling Rig

ity coring, low contamination, etc, providing a solution to tough geological conditions....

Diamond core & RC drilling rigs offer multiple drilling methods in one unit without having to leave the hole, and are designed to efficiently operate in all forms of exploration drilling. With an extensive range of standard features and options, these drills can perform rotary air or mud drilling, including diamond coring and reverse circulation.

CMR1000A Skid/Track Mounting
Type of Drilling
Diamond drilling
RC drilling
Depth Capacity
PQ 1,100m
HQ 1,600m
BQ 3,000m
4.5” pipe 320m
Rotary (Top Drive) Torque / RPM
Torque Range : 970KNM – 11,400KNM
RPM Range: 1,180rpm – 100rpm
Torque can be increased proportionally by tuning the RPM from high to low
Rotary (Top Drive) Pull Force
Main Winch
Drilling Angle
90 – 45 degree