• CKD600G Underground Drilling Rig

CKD600G Underground Drilling Rig

  • CKD600G underground drilling rig is designed for underground 360° diamond core drilling works. Modular components of this core drilling rig can be easily assembled or disassembled to meet on-site requirements.


1. 360° drilling.
2. This fully hydraulic drilling rig is applicable for drilling at narrow job site.
3. A customized mud pump can be supplied as per customer requirements.
4. Premium hydraulic components from Europe / US.

After-sales Service
Our professional engineer team is globally available, 24/7.

Our rigs are available with different mounting options and diesel or electric drive options. Please contact sales@cortech.cn for more information.

Drilling Capacity
Diameter of Drill Rods AS, BS, NS, HS
Drilling Depth 1,000m 750m 600m 350m
Power System
Power 75kW
Electromotor RPM 1,485rpm
Drill Bit
Max. Torque 1,030nm
Max. Rotational Speed 1,140rpm
Feed Stroke 1,800mm
Max. Inside Diameter 97mm
Max. Pull / Push 65kn / 65kn
Main Hoist
Max. Pull 10KN (bare drum)
Pulling Speed 100m/min (bare drum)
Rope Diameter 6mm
Rope Length 800m
Length 3.3 to 5.8m
Drilling Angle -90° to +90°
Foot Clamp
Drill Rod BS, NS, HS
Transport Dimensions
Main Frame Unit 3700 × 1790 × 2160mm
Power Unit 2980 × 1210 × 1560mm
Operation Unit 785 × 680 × 950mm
Control Panel 0.31t
Power Unit 1.56t

Drill Unit