• CSD3000


  • CSD3000 is designed for deep mine exploration. To facilitate the setting up of its robust mast structure, the mast is designed to telescopic type. Heavy duty though, the rig is convenient in site movement or crossing over rough territories for its crawler track.

1. Crawler mounted design.
2. 4-speed gear box.
3. Large chuck with diameter up to 117mm.
4. Independent hydraulic leveling jacks.
5. Drill head side slide to stay away from the center.
6. Telescopic mast.
7. Mast dump.
8. The drilling tower can support 200 x 9-meter-long NS rods.
9. Independent hydraulic cooling system.
10. Premium hydraulics from Europe / US.

After-sales Service
Our professional engineer team is globally available, 24/7.

Our drilling rigs are available with different mounting options and diesel or electric drive options. Please contact globalsale2013@gmail.com for more information.

Technical Specifications

Drilling Capacity (for referece)
Diameter of Drill Rod BS, NS, HS, PS
Drilling Depth 3,000m 2,300m 1,600m 1,050m
Hydraulic System
Rated Pressure 28MPa
Cooling Air Cooled
Model Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C325
Type Turbo Charged
Rated Power 239kW
Rotational Speed 2,200rpm
Drill Head
Max. Torque 8,170Nm
Max. Rotation 1,150rpm
Feed Stroke 3,450mm
Max. Inside Diameter 117mm
Pull/Push 250KN/90KN
Main Winch
Max. Pull 185KN
Pulling Speed 25m/min(low),60m/min(high)
Rope Diameter 24mm
Rope Length 40m
Wireline Winch
Max. Pull 18KN(bare drum)
Pulling Speed 120m/min(bare drum)
Rope Diameter 6.6mm
Rope Length 2,500m
Length 11.2-13.7m
Drilling Angle 45 to 90 degrees
Dump Length 1.4m
Foot Clamp
Drill Rod BS, NS, HS, PS
Travelling Capacity
Max. Permissible Gradient 30°
Max. Travelling Speed 2km/h
Transport Dimensions 11,240 × 2,310 × 3,330mm (L × W × H)
Gross Weight 23.5t