• CSD500CE


  • CSD500CE is designed for the exploration work in the areas where vehicles are difficult to get access. It is composed of a hydraulic station powered by four diesel engines, a chuck type rotary head and a foot clamp, a mast and base frame, a main winch and a wire line winch. The rig is good for diamond coring with normal 3m length rod. Mud pump and mud mixer are optional for this model.

1. Modular design with maximum unit weight not exceeding 280kg.
2. Dual Yanmar 4TNV84T diesel engines. The rated output of each engine is 35.5 kW (2,800RPM).
3. All-hydraulic-driven drill bit.
4. Power head with its maximum rotational speed reaching 1,100 RPM.
5. Suitable for BQ, NQ and HQ rod, and rod holder is designed.
6. 1.8m feed stroke.
7. 3-meter pulling capability.
8. Rotary safety protection device is designed with this onshore land drilling rig.
9. Maximum drilling depth of 400m in NQ size.

After-sales Service
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Technical Specifications

Drill Capacity
Diameter of Drill Rod BS, NS, HS
Drilling Depth 600m 400m 200m
Model Kubota
Power 24.5kW × (3+1)
Rotational Speed 2,800rpm
Drill Bit
Max. Torque 8000Nm
Max. Rotational Speed 1,130rpm
Feed Stroke 1,800mm
Pull/Push 70KN / 35KN
Main Hoist
Max. Pull 30KN
Pulling Speed 26m/min(bare drum)
Rope Diameter 14mm
Rope Length 30m
Wireline Hoist
Max. Pull 11KN(bare drum)
Pulling Speed 110m/min(bare drum)
Rope Diameter 5mm
Rope Length 500m
Length 6.2m
Drilling Angle 45 to 90 degrees
Foot Clamp
Drill Rod BS, NS, HS, PS
Max. Unit Weight after Dismounting
Max. Unit Weight after Dismounting 200kg (Main Winch 230kg)