Exploration Diamond Drilling Surface

Cortech diamond core surface drilling rigs are designed to meet the most versatile demands in surface exploration applications. The modular design of our diamond drilling rig allows for high flexibility and productivity in specific applications. And thanks to the close cooperation with our customers, we have a range of compact core drilling rigs that meet most requirements, regardless of the application.
Cortech offers a wide range of exploration drill rigs for all types of underground and surface drilling. Models range from lightweight drill rigs for core drilling to heavy-duty, multipurpose drill rigs with the ability to perform both core drilling and reverse circulation drilling.
As one of the world's most professional supplier to the mining and construction industries, we provide a complete range of highly advanced core drilling equipment. Our reverse circulation and diamond drilling technologies deliver optimal, cost-effective technologies for even your most complex exploration projects.
You need diamond core drilling solutions for both shallow and deep hole, small and large diameter core. For your next surface core drilling project, insist on the best rigs and tooling for the best results.